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The Great War 1914-1918

Po Stkr William Epps


  Sept 22    
Pte.  Henry J Carpenter  France May 12    
Pte.  George Barnes France May 21 CWGC  
Lnc-Cpl.  Leonard Miller   Aug 15    
Capt  Lionel C.A. Curties France Sept 25 CWGC  
Pte. Charles V. Byford Mesopotamia Jan 7 CWGC  
Pte. Frederick Tutt France July 1 CWGC Grave Photo
Pte. Alfred J. Harding France July 3 CWGC Grave Photo
Pte. Thomas Tutt France Sept 15 CWGC Grave Photo
Lce-Cpl. Thomas Ruane   Sept 15    
Lce-Cpl. Jack Glover France Oct 7 CWGC Grave Photo
Sgt. William F Sinden France Oct 27    
Pte. Charles Croucher France April 9 CWGC  
Pte. Robert Day France Aug 7 CWGC  
Pte. Charles Shorter  France Aug 16    
Sppr.  Leslie Norton    Aug 18    
Pte. Harry Brunger Mesopotamia Oct 18 CWGC  
Sgt. Albert E. Skinner Palestine Nov 4 CWGC Grave Photo
Pte. Walter J. House Germany Dec 10 CWGC  
Cpl. Samuel Brunger Palestine Dec 15 CWGC  
Pte. Charles Vidion France Dec 24 CWGC Grave Photo
Lce-Cpl. Harry J. Austin France May 4 CWGC  
Pte. Hubert J. Palmar England June 19 CWGC Grave Photo
Lce-Cpl. Fredrick J. Jeffery France July 1 CWGC  
Pte. Charles Cramp France Aug 23 CWGC Grave Photo
Cpl.  George A. Hughes England Feb 13    
Cpl. A. Charles W. Wilson England March 1    
The Second World War        
Stoker Cyril Bridger At Sea 12 Dec 1939 CWGC  
F/O Anthony T.R. Cleeve Cumberland 1 March 1945 CWGC  
Gunner  Albert E. Masters Burma May 1944    
F/Lt. Sidney Marsh Holland Feb 1941    
Sidney G. Rawlings At Sea 7 March 1943 CWGC  
Lt. Douglas R. Scott North Africa June 1942 CWGC  

Also commemorated:

The 15 RAF Airman of 5003 Airfield Construction Squadron killed on
22 May 1944 when Coleman's Kitchen was bombed:

Robert Barker, Joseph Barry, Douglas Creed, Horace Dawson, Charles Dodd, John Dugan, James Edwards, Arthur Fieldhouse, Michael Gibbons,
George Goodall, Samuel Howard, John Irvine, William Kerman, Hyman Kersh, George J Truphet.

The 3 Canadian pilots who flew out of RAF Ashford in 1944 and did not return:  
RCAF  414th Squadron
F/o Louis P Theriault, F/o Robert E Baker, F/o Duncan H Lewis

The 21 USAAF airman who flew out of RAF Ashford in 1944 and did not return: 
512th Squadron
2nd Lt Alfred C Harnagel, 2nd Lt Russell E Tilton,
Major William H Merriam, 2nd Lt Harry H Pedersen, 1st Lt Lyon A Agee,
2nd Lt Elmer C Dudolski, 1st Lt John W Mullaney.

513th Squadron
2nd Lt Carl L Gray, 2nd Lt Ray E Demeritt, 1st Lt Harry A Nock,
1st Lt Wayne T Swanbery.

514th Squadron
2nd Lt Bernard F Dugan, Major Gene L Arth, Tch Sgt Charlie E Lavender, 1st Lt John E Wilkes,
2nd Lt Merlin E Isbell, 1st Lt Lewis A Burton, 2nd Lt Marion A Benson, 2nd Lt James L Billington,
2nd Lt Edward R Gaudet, 1st Lt Levett C Beck Jnr.

Also commemorated, the first active service RAF jet engine aircraft death
RAF 616 Squardron - Flt Sgt Donald A Gregg.





" They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn,
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them. "



More information about the Fallen can be found at:   http://www.ashfordsfallen.com/GREAT%20CHART.pdf