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"The Friends of Great Chart"


There’s a village in the Homeland that to many a lad is dear,

It dwells in all our memories each day throughout the year,

We know we’re not forgotten by the true kind friends at home,

And that thought uplifts and cheers us wherever we may roam.


There are laddies in the trenches, Salonika, and the West,

On the Tigris and in Palestine giving of their best;

In all the various Fronts, Great Chart Men are called to fight,

Soon we hope will come the ending – God will shew that Right is Might.


Then our Boys are on the Ocean, keeping clear the wide North Sea,

Some in far off India busy, doing well what is duty,

And like a magnet drawing comes the thought to every heart;

“They’re thinking of me there at home, the dear Friends of Great Chart”.


P’raps ‘tis the front line trenches, p’raps the lads are out at rest,

Then there comes a call of “Letters,” and we all hope for the best

Right there amongst the parcels we see our lucky part.

We know that label and packing, ‘tis from the kind friends of Great Chart.


Who cares for Fritz in the trenches !  p’raps he’s not so far away,

We smoke our Blighty woodbines, and we dream of a better day.

The strawberries and the peaches bring back times that were so sweet,

While the post cards sent is the ripping way Great Chart her Boys doth greet.


So here’s to the Friends of Great Chart, we wish them the very best,

They are spending hours of labour for us, with such untiring zest.

May the good God bless their efforts – did not Christ say, “Verily,

Inasmuch as ye did it unto these, ye did it unto Me.”



The Military Hospital,

Eastleigh, Hants.                                                           July 30th, 1917