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Welcome to my little website.

This site brings together some of my resource information concerning the activities of the village of Great Chart, Ashford, Kent during both World Wars.
At the moment it's mainly on WW1 as this is the era I am most interested in.  I hope you find something of interest.

Something to say ?
If you have anything to add, or wish to comment on the contents of the site, please contact me on the email address below. 

David Skinner
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What's New ?

Currently working on:

  • Revamping the website
  • More on The Friends of Great Chart
  • The Soldiers' letters
  • More on the fallen soldiers 


Great Chart Remembers -2014 New

The Friends of Great Chart

Great Chart WWI Roll Of Honour

Photo Album of the Soldiers 
External Link to Kent Photo Archive site.

Index of letters from the soldiers to the Friends of Great Chart

Sample Letters from the Skinner brothers

"The Friends of Great Chart"
Poem written by Sydney H Bates.

The Names of the Fallen (updated)

Great Chart War Memorial

Great Chart Local War Museum

Great Chart's Victoria Cross Holder

Great Chart in Old Postcards

Great Chart Old Photos

Message Board

The Medals

War Poetry

WW1 Posters

WW1 Memorabilia

Useful Family History Sources
(external website links)

War Memorial 4 August 2014


St.Mary the Virgin, Great Chart


War Memorial Photo 1

"If the Lord Spares Us"

War Memorial Photo 2


Royal British Legion
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For more great photos of Great Chart
(not all taken by me)
why not visit the Geograph website


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